Jim Crockatt Organic Furniture


Exceptional furniture and turned pieces, designed and hand crafted by Jim Crockatt.

Please call Jim on 0163542701 or 07868754283, or email me at jimcrockatt@gmail.com and click here for a little more detail.

Welcome to the official website for Jim Crockatt Organic Furniture.
You can learn more about my history and expertise in designing and building beautiful handmade furniture on my profile page and see more examples of my furniture-making and other projects, on the gallery pages. However, only by speaking to me in person will you get to understand my passion for creating brilliant furniture, and appreciate my love for celebrating the beauty of wood in the furniture I build.
So, if you already know that you are looking for bespoke furniture that brings out the natural beauty of wood, please give me a call. Perhaps you need a wonderful chair or an eccentric table for your lounge, or perhaps you want a unique set of cabinets for your kitchen. Or, perhaps you only have a vague idea that you'd like an item of handmade furniture, perhaps to mark an event or special occasion, but don't yet know whether you're looking for a bench or a cabinet, a table or a chair. Even if your ideas are not yet fully formed, I will be happy to advise.
Of course, hand-made furniture is more expensive than the mass produced furniture from the high street stores. But handmade furniture can be expensive without being extortionate. And it is always unique furniture - as unique as the wood from which it is made, and as unique as the person who commissions the work. And with Jim Crockatt Organic Furniture, handmade always means well-made, made with love, made with care and made to bring out the best of the wood.
I am equally happy to take on a small, one-off project, as well as more complex combinations of tables and chairs for a dining-room, or beds and dressing tables for a bedroom, or even communal furniture for a public venue. I can work with the wood of your own choosing, or source from my own supplies of Oak, Ash, Cherry, Beech, Walnut, Mahogany and Rosewood to create an eye-catching and functional item of furniture that will grace your home.
I have built handmade furniture for a wide range of clients and a wide range of venues, all with different requirements, but all with a common desire to see the natural beauty of wood accentuated by the design, the look and the feel of the item.

Handmade furniture - sustainable sources - made to measure - Green & organic

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